Babywise Week: Should You Correct for Attitude?

It’s Babywise Week! All week, you’ll be hearing from the Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) with posts on a similar topic. This week, it’s all about attitude. We kick off the week with a post from Valerie. She asks the question, “Should you correct for attitude?”

There are many who would say that correcting for attitude runs the risk of stifling our kids’ emotions. But as Valerie explains, teaching our kids to deal with their emotions is a great gift. By instilling in our kids a sense of emotional maturity, they will be much better prepared for any difficulties life may throw their way.

Here’s a quick summary of the points she covers:

  • The value of a good attitude
  • The importance of self-control
  • Learning the right way to respond
  • Developing a habit of good attitude
  • Correcting for attitude

Head on over to Valerie’s blog to read her post in its entirety. And be sure to follow us all week:

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